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Fresh from the market and more

We are very excited to announce that spring fruits and vegetables are appearing in the market!

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Fresh From The Market

Spring greeted us with beautiful weather, raspberries and asparagus opened the season for spring delicacies.

From day to day we have the opportunity to observe a growing variety of vegetables and fruits in the market. When we look at pictures of your dishes made with our products on social media, we can’t take our eyes off these delicacies.



Spring flavors appear on the market and in the current offer of our online store. Raspberries are most associated with desserts, but that doesn’t limit their possibilities. They are part of cakes, tarts, tarts, soufflés, donuts, muffins, but we can also make salads, jellies, jams, juices, ice cream, as well as sauces for meat or fish.

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To save your time, our production staff will be happy to peel and cut green and white asparagus so you can enjoy the unique taste faster! Green, white or purple asparagus… you name it, they all taste amazing! Opinion about asparagus is constantly changing, because until recently it was considered an exclusive product. Today, more and more people are reaching for them, appreciating their taste and health. One of the commenters said they are great for losing weight, while others say asparagus is the basis of some gourmet dishes and also makes a great snack at parties. They are quick and easy to prepare and guests are amazed at their taste. Among the most popular recipes for asparagus are grilled asparagus, asparagus with hollandaise, asparagus with butter or asparagus with caviar, etc. If these vegetables have not been part of your kitchen every day, it is high time to change them.

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Sous vide products

Products that are prepared using the sous vide method are an absolute culinary novelty for many people. Its main advantage is the unique and delicate taste of the cooked dish and the preservation of its nutritional properties. Sous vide helps preserve vitamins and trace elements while not requiring as many spices or herbs as in traditional cooking. This is because natural juices are preserved in the dishes. Products prepared using the sous vide method without preservatives can be kept for one to three months.

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Wild garlic

Wild garlic leaves can be cut into small pieces and added to bread. Finely chopped, it can be used as a condiment in an everyday soup or as a sprinkle on potatoes. It is added to dumplings and other dishes, the flavor of which is usually enhanced with parsley. The leaves can also be prepared like spinach or salad. Wild garlic leaves should not be dried. Then they lose many of their qualities. If we want to eat them out of season, freezing is certainly the better solution. New in our offer is the delicious wild garlic pesto!

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Strawberries served in February can become a delicious summer accent in your kitchen. They are very popular mainly because of their taste and aroma, which go perfectly with fruit desserts, hearty salads or refreshing smoothies. Strawberries contain a wealth of vitamins and numerous beautifying properties.

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Eggplant and Tiger eggplant

Eggplant is also known as the love pear. Eggplant can be added to various casseroles (e.g. Greek moussaka), vegetable stews (e.g. ratatouille) and sauces (e.g. vegetable sauce for vegetarian spaghetti, dips, tomato sauce for meat, etc.). It goes perfectly with tomato sauce (and tomatoes in general, including dried ones). Potatoes, zucchini, onions and peppers go well with this. When it comes to spices, it’s a good idea when preparing an eggplant or aubergine dish to always add herbs (oregano, basil, tarragon, thyme, etc.). It is worth combining eggplant with greens or quite expressive additives, such as garlic. The Tiger variety gives your dishes a unique taste and appearance.

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Pears have been known in Europe since prehistoric times. The remains of dried fruit from the Stone and Bronze Ages, which were found during excavations in Switzerland, bear witness to this. Why is it worth including pears in your diet? Juicy fruits are not only tasty, but also very healthy: pears support the activity of the gray cells and the thyroid gland, prevent the development of high blood pressure and have a positive effect on the work of the heart. They are good sources of fiber, vitamins, minerals and many other valuable compounds necessary for the proper functioning of our body.

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Hergetos Olive Oil

Wonderful, aromatic, mild and fruity. The Koroneiki olive provides one of the best olive oils in the world with an exceptional mild and fruity taste and a particularly high content of healthy unsaturated fatty acids. The Greeks consider the Koroneiki olive ‘the queen of olives’ and it is recognized globally as one of the preferred varieties for oil production.

We are always on-site to select the best olive oils for you. With Nico Psaltiras, we have one of the best olive oil producers at our side. Many of our top chefs are enthusiastic about this single-varietal vintage olive oil. Could you be as well?

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