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Fresh from the market and more

When it gets a little colder outside, it means for us and our customers that the pumpkin season has begun!

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Fresh From The Market

Autumn is here, the days are getting shorter. The forests and our gardens are transformed into a colorful splendour.

Various types of pumpkin, quinces, chestnuts in their shells, walnuts and many, many types of apples can be found in our current range…


Different types of pumpkin

Pumpkin Muscat, butternut, Napoli, spaghetti squash, ornamental squash for decoration, as well as tots, our suppliers rely on the highest quality, so you get the highest quality goods. Autumn has many different faces. Some are associated with long evenings under a blanket and a cup of hot tea, others with long walks through autumn landscapes. However, one thing is undisputed: the pumpkin is king in the kitchen! It is long-awaited by many people because it is delicious and has many nutritional values.

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Quinces are grown as ornamental plants in orchards, home gardens, parks and allotments. Quince fruits ripen in autumn – September and October. They are yellow, large and resemble pears and apples. Quince fruits are not suitable for raw consumption because they are hard and sour, but you can make many tasty and healthy delicacies from them: honey, jams, purees, compotes, juices, pastes, tinctures and wine.

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Edible chestnuts

Contrary to popular belief, edible chestnuts are not just an edible version of the well-known autumn symbols. This is because they are two completely different botanical species that are not even distantly related, despite having somewhat similar fruits. Edible chestnuts are officially classified as nuts, although they are fundamentally different from hazelnuts, walnuts, or pecans.

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After picking, the mirabelle plums should be kept in the refrigerator. We have many ideas for jams made from small, sweet mirabelle, so that you can enjoy the intensive taste even in winter. The classic is of course Mirabelle jam, which can compete successfully with the most aromatic jams. However, fresh fruit is also used to prepare syrups, compotes and dessert cakes – especially those that are eaten warm.

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Apples are pretty universal fruits. So you can eat and prepare them in many different ways. They can be eaten raw (whole) as a healthy snack or thermally processed, i.e. boiled, roasted, baked, steamed or dried. You can make a lot of jams from apples. This includes products such as juices, compotes and even alcohol. Currently our offer includes many apple varieties!

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Hergetos Olive Oil

Wonderful, aromatic, mild and fruity. The Koroneiki olive provides one of the best olive oils in the world with an exceptional mild and fruity taste and a particularly high content of healthy unsaturated fatty acids. The Greeks consider the Koroneiki olive ‘the queen of olives’ and it is recognized globally as one of the preferred varieties for oil production.

We are always on-site to select the best olive oils for you. With Nico Psaltiras, we have one of the best olive oil producers at our side. Many of our top chefs are enthusiastic about this single-varietal vintage olive oil. Could you be as well?

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