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Fresh from the market and more

It’s February, the days are getting longer… Winter vegetables and fruits are still in our current range.

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Fresh From The Market

The first month of the new year has passed very quickly, let’s be happy, because the market surprises us with more and more novelties!

Barba di Frate, strawberries, colored cabbage, clementines, litschis, orange juice and artichokes can be found in our current range…


Barba di Frate (Monk’s Beard)

Monk’s Beard or Barba di Frate is another name for a typical Italian vegetable, also known as Agretti or Roscano. It contains vitamins and minerals similar to spinach – lots of vitamin A, iron and calcium. It can also be prepared in a similar way to spinach – fresh in a salad, lightly fried or pre-cooked. It goes well with bold flavors – anchovies, capers, garlic and aged cheeses

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Strawberries served in February can become a delicious summer accent in your kitchen. They are very popular mainly because of their taste and aroma, which go perfectly with fruit desserts, hearty salads or refreshing smoothies. Strawberries contain a wealth of vitamins and numerous beautifying properties.

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Colored krautstiel

The first official appearance of Krautstiel colored in dishes is attributed to Italy’s largest island, Sicily. For this reason, Krautsiel is often found as an ingredient in many Italian dishes. They are used in salads, stewed with vegetables and boiled in soups. Many people notice its subtle bitterness in its raw form. After cooking, it fades and acquires a delicate and mild taste, more appetizing than the taste of spinach.

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Clementine probably originated from a cross between a tangerine and a bitter orange. Like other citrus fruits, it thrives best in warm climates where it can ripen under intense sunlight. Many people simply call them tangerines. However, they are not the same fruit. Clementines have a tighter and shinier skin than tangerines, their fruit is spherical, flattened at the top. They are sweeter, juicier and even melt in the mouth, rarely have seeds.

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Litschis can be eaten raw. Simply cut off part of the skin with the tail, then gently peel off the remaining skin with your fingers. Then we come to the sweet, refreshing, slightly acidic pulp, which should be firm in consistency, and the color of mother-of-pearl. Finally, you need to remove the brown-black stone – just make a cut on one side of the meat and gently pull the stone out from the center. It is important to know that if removing the skin causes problems, this is a sign that the fruit is still unripe.

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Orange juice

Discover the taste of pure, freshly squeezed orange juice from Jeune Primeur. With no added preservatives, it’s the perfect way to enjoy a refreshing and healthy treat. Our juices come in three sizes – 2.5dl, 0.5L and 1L – so you can always find the right amount for your needs. Try Jeune Primeur orange juice today and experience the delicious difference!

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Artichoke has found application in the culinary tradition of many countries. In France, Spain and Italy, it is considered a valuable and healthy low-calorie vegetable (47 kcal per 100 g). The edible part of the plant is the fleshy base and lower part of the calyx. They can be eaten both raw and processed – boiled, marinated or fried. It goes well with anchovies, basil, eggs, lemon, parmesan and tomatoes. They can be served with different sauces, stuffed with meat or fried in batter.

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Hergetos Olive Oil

Wonderful, aromatic, mild and fruity. The Koroneiki olive provides one of the best olive oils in the world with an exceptional mild and fruity taste and a particularly high content of healthy unsaturated fatty acids. The Greeks consider the Koroneiki olive ‘the queen of olives’ and it is recognized globally as one of the preferred varieties for oil production.

We are always on-site to select the best olive oils for you. With Nico Psaltiras, we have one of the best olive oil producers at our side. Many of our top chefs are enthusiastic about this single-varietal vintage olive oil. Could you be as well?

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